Monday, April 5, 2010

PUSTULATED - Haematoma (2005)

Brutal Death Metal

1.Eosinophilis Tognosia01:33
2.Sinsoriacanthromdebic Carcinoma - Lining the Vulvovaginal Trichomoniasis02:49
4.Dyerrhea Pallidum02:27
5.Cut Into Pieces (Vengeance Rising cover)03:08
6.Neuro-Dimebag Exhumation01:45
7.Dementia Infinita02:21
8.Thoracic Gallagonal Aspiration02:14
9.Coronary Artery Thrombosis with Posterior Wall Myocardial Fibrosis02:12
10.Adipocere: Sinking, Putrefaction and Re-floating01:59
11.Expansion of Subpleural Petachiae: Heamodulation and Heamolysis01:51
12.Lupus Nephritis02:23


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